Work Samples

Instructional Materials

Role-Playing App:


Lake Devo is a user-friendly application that facilitates online role-playing. At the Chang School, I worked with an online instructor to create role-playing videos to illustrate situational examples relating to the course content of CVGE 144 – Aging and Technology. More specifically, this course explored “how technology influences, and is influenced by, this large and growing demographic of older adults (i.e. from baby-boomers to centenarians).”

Video 1: Aging & Tech – Intergenerational Focus Group

Video 2: Baby Boomer

Video 3: Old-old Cohort

Video 4: Sandwich Generation

Video 5: Young Adult

Video 6: Young-old Cohort


Other Instructional Support Tools





PeppeR is a web-based collaborative platform designed, researched, and implemented at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto. The following training videos are from the previous version of PeppeR which has been redesigned:

Video 1: PeppeR Community Wall

Video 2: PeppeR Linking 

Video 3: PeppeR Lounge


Open eBook & App:







IAmLearning: Mobilizing and Supporting Educator Practice is an ebook for teachers focusing on professional development resources and activities for integrating mobile learning strategies. With my colleagues from the University of Alberta and the University of Toronto, we contributed Chapter 3 along with a course assistance app.